More than likely you would…unless you are just really bad at math or of course maybe you are just clueless about value.

Flip side…Would you trade a $10 bill for a $5 bill?

More than likely not…unless you again are just really bad at math or one again you simply don’t understand value.

I’m often amazed by people that want $10 when they are only willing to give $5…in other words…what are you bringing to the table?! In your career, in your relationships, etc.?! What kind of value do you bring?

Whether you are a man or a woman that may be on the dating scene…looking for a 10? Well guess what? Most of the healthy and intelligent 10s are looking for a 10 also. What about in the workplace? Are you broke or barely getting by?! How about taking a look on the inside and figuring out what you may be doing that needs tweaking (or complete reconstruction).

So often people are looking at what they want or what they repeatedly “aren’t getting” yet they fail to realize the inner work (and/or outer work) that they need to do to get to that place.

There’s a reason healthy, mentally stable, sexy, and financially secure people attract people….all kinds of people…they have what most everyone wants.

There’s a reason some people will always make more money than others. They know the importance of investing in themselves and they understand how calculated actions partnered with knowledge will most always produce better results than just a “harder worker”.

It seems that more than ever it’s evident that people are wanting to live 5 levels above what they are putting into themselves…Start with you! Think less about who you aren’t attracting and how little you are making and think more about how you can truly improve you and what you bring to the table!

Start with something as simple as your word. Do you do what you say you will do? If so and you do it with excellence then you are already ahead of the curve!