Because first impressions are everything, what message does your overall style send?

Let’s face it, people judge others daily based on their outside appearance… which often sends a message of what is going on in the inside. Do your wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories send a clear message of what’s going on inside of you or is it a conflicting message? In the professional world and even in your personal life this can be a deal breaker. How you look matters and it’s a great way to send your personal message to the world. Think of your personal style as a billboard to advertise what resides within you.

If you are looking to show others that they can trust you as an expert in your field then your polished and overall personal style can open doors for you that the wrong look can close right off the bat. Even in the dating world and looking for that special someone that you would like to share life with- how you look sends a message of confidence and one that has their act together or someone that is sloppy, out of style, and clearly not taking the best care of their self- which sends the message, “how could they add value to your life if they look exhausted, sloppy, and defeated?”.

Let Kelly help you design your classic, simple and conservative look or a transformation that sends the message “look at me world, this is who I am”! Often times when a person works with Kelly on the inside with her full transformational coaching the outside is the final touch (like icing on the cake) to show off the beautiful transformation that has happened from the inside out!