I’ve had some pretty awesome life experiences that have stirred my inner child over the past few months. She is my true authentic spirit that isn’t afraid to ask for more, to go after what she wants, and/or to say “oh heck no”  when something doesn’t work for her!
After beginning this journey of fasting and attempting to be true to my spirit years ago I’ve had life lessons that were filled with highs and lows. The lows have helped me to stay in my present “positive bubble” when necessary, and also have taught me to “see myself in a better place” at times.. This has helped me achieve more resilience…the understanding that I am never stuck and to push through the hard times to get to the better times ahead.
The highs have taught me that we can literally create the life that we want to experience and we have a choice in “heaven or hell” everyday. I personally love heaven! In those experiences there’s a childlike euphoria that takes me back to the sheer joy I had as that little 4 year old girl playing barefoot outside or taking beach trips with my parents. When I am in that mode of “happy 4 year old Kelly” there is nothing in the world that seems wrong. It’s life free from pressure, filled with belly laughs (that are at times embarrassing because I feel the need to explain my silliness), and joy that makes me feel as though my very spirit is dancing!
We have the choice to daily live in heaven or hell. We have the choice of what we tolerate and what we cultivate. We have the choice to change the things that we don’t like. We have the choice to create a space of pure joy in our lives every day, every week, every hour, and every minute. When you get caught up in the drama of life remind yourself that you are a spirit. Is this really the experience that you want to have? You can stay in it or you can push right on past it (whatever that looks like). 
If you are looking to cultivate that inner child contact me today for a Goat Yoga Class or a Reiki Session! I guarantee to have you feeling more connected to that true joy that you are looking to have more of every single day!
Remember humans manifest life and it’s experiences in direct proportion to their consciousness.